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As You all know about the famous actor in  the world “Tom cruise”, his stunts are very professional without any doubt. In the  Form of Stunt Man and also his personality, Tom cruise also come 2nd  most Handsome men in the World, they do most dangerous stunt, despite this his face remain smiled, You don’t know the reason behind it, His daughter “Suri cruise”

Suri Cruise





Suri Cruise was born on the 18th of April, 2006, in Santa Monica. She is the first child of very popular actors. Her parents are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri’s net worth is estimated at $ 5 Million. The girl’s name is translated as ‘princess’. She is a real princess judging by her list of the presents that she expects from Santa Clause.

 Interesting AND FUN FACTS:

  • She is pictured on magazines covers.
  • She is a young fashion model.
  • She has a special fashion blog.
  • She is a very nice girl who chocks the journalist by the amount of wishes and demands.
  • Suri Cruise is a member of Family Members.

now Suri Cruise is  12th years old,  katie Homles is celebrating Suri Cruise’s 12th birthday by sharing a rare….It’s rare  for Homes to share photos of her daughter on social media, but…It’s very important that I’m present and she has a stable, innocent childhood.

 Suri Cruise

As soon as Possible She will be your next Hollywood famous actress in world, still perhaps she have to wait for some years, Each person is love of her cuteness in her face and her beauty and also is very big reason’s of Tom cruise’s fearless by which they feel confidence. There is no need that You’re a huge fan of big celebrities or a kid, your feelings are not same, but should be pleasurable.

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