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Filipino content violating banned by facebook


The earn source generated from various companies. Most probably you know News reach people to people by facebook. It has now 2 million monthly users. Here is a list of service most used by the country :

Leading countries based on number of Facebook users as of April 2018 (in millions)

Number of Facebook users in millions
India 270
United States 240
Indonesia 140
Brazil 130

ADs shown by facebook. Information has a big data come in the form of News. To increase the value of their news, media shows FAKE news. they have diverted the people’s mind. fame is the reason to spread fake news. Inappropriate things forced people’s minds to come back. They have shown fiction information. The escalation of terror of people’s mind. In the end All things considered, it has 1. 6th billion users and is becoming an ever more important place to allow them to so they can|to enable them to discuss reveal talk about news. More than forty percent of the population of the United States say they get news on Facebook – and for many it is where each goes to discuss reveal talk about and comment on {tales|reports|testimonies}.       

Anyone who created this torrent of untruth probably had two motives – to cause mischief also to make a huge amount of cash through the adverts that are the lifeblood of {Fb|Facebook or myspace| Facebook. com} and the businesses which live off what it describes as the environment. But they have also been successful prevailed became popular in unleashing an argument a controversy an issue about fake or not then perhaps the internet, far from spreading enlightenment creators once hoped, was leaving us worse educated up to date enlightened.

FACEBOOK Disclosed approx 1960 sites 

Recently many FAKE sites disclosed by facebook. After a long time, FB closed these sites News formed to get knowledge. What you wanna know, but despite false information has been showed.  News formed to get knowledge, What you wanna know. Digital world(Facebook) continuously have increased from day to day. Technology which has you called the gift of God. Because of greedy people destroyed the humans. slowly you could be able to see the result. According to a survey, A shocking facts have come in front of us: 


FACEBOOK survey scams      

  • “Get 2 Free Delta Airline Tickets” Facebook Scam
    Facebook post claims that you can click to get two free Delta Air Lines tickets to fly anywhere. Supposedly, Delta is giving away the tickets as a means of celebrating its 85th anniversary.
    Published: October 7, 2016 
  • “I Just Saw My Ex is Still Stalking My Profile” of FB Scam Post
    Post spreading on claims that you can click a link to see who is stalking your profile right now. It claims that the sender just saw that an ex is still stalking his or her profile.
    Published: October 7, 2016 

NEXT “Free £250 Voucher” Facebook Scam 
Circulating post claims that you can click to get a free voucher worth £250 from UK based retailer NEXT.
Published: October 6, 2016 

That you could see some scams of FB. Which shows better things also have some negative effects in life.

Here is some pics of scamming-















Next Cheap SCAMMER 100% – Fury Scores
-So Money paid and then asked for more money for the matches and even if you send them this money you will get banned for sure 100% you will get nothing in the end!
-Please, guys, no one will sell you odds 900.00 for 50-70€
If you say to them I give you 10€-20€ for odds 900.00 they will give you trust me to cause they desperate they just want your money !!!
-So be aware, think and don’t fall for this!
-Send us a message on a page and will be happy to check any person for you if is the scammer or not!



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