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Digital marketing has proved that this is continue going business, which increased day to day very fastly. it’s not a company where you have to work with under the peoples, companies, institute etc. It depends on your choice. you can also work .an individual that could help you to make your own army(reach of people). you would be able to know the facts in this content of digital marketing. have you showed the population? , yes of course which increased day to day very fastly. Same as digital marketing you can take like population. you have to watch both things is being increased. population used resources of earth result come in front of us that there is a lack of resources. but digital marketing gives the most effective benefit it’s also increased but help you to make the developed world. union territory earned profit from export the business products, service etc. growth in expanding the business easily, which techniques help that is digital marketing. which provides a platform which increased your reach across the whole world. it has many parts:



 Blogging it’s a medium of sharing your information, creativity, research, latest facts even news and entertainment etc. you can goal this niches according to your interest, people’s interest also. Basically, it’s also a part of Digital marketing. Which has a combination of audiences, user and about the thing which is being shown? After selecting the niche,

1. Select a domain name which matches with your niche. Search Your Domain


 2. Select hosting according to your data.


  3. Factors which help you to Rank your website (Blog and Business website also) :


 * SEO ( SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION): SEO is the biggest part of a website. That you could be able to stuff your keyword in the market(Digital marketing) for a long time. Even increase reach your business, blogs. It also helped you to compete for your competitors whatever you want. SEO is of three types:  1. White Hat SEO__2. Black Hat SEO__ 3. Grey Hat SEO(Optional)


Basic Things You need to know

White Hat SEO: It follows the Google guidelines and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website.

Black Hat SEO: It runs afoul of search engine (mainly Google) guidelines. you can get the result to Rank your website instantly but your Site will be closed by Google.

Grey Hat SEO: It’s not come in SEO types but also called SEO. Digital marketing Peoples have Discovered that SEO by their own Strategy. The Mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is called Grey Hat SEO.

Digital Marketing is not a small process. In this process, you have known some parts of digital marketing. Include SEO is a Big part of digital marketing. Which is a factor to Rank a Website? Now you need to know about SEO factors.


SEO Guidelines have shown here

     1. Title:  About which topic are you going to write. The title must include your Keyword. Title length should have come in the range of 50-60 characters. It should be Attractive also.

     2. Description: Content of description should come in between 155  words. It must include your keyword.

     3. Sub Heading: Each paragraph must have a Heading. A plain paragraph has 68 to 102 words. But online texts need short paragraphs of 40 to 50words.

     4. Content length: Content-length must be a minimum of 300 words, and enlarge according to your choice.

     5. Keyword stuffing: There is a limit repetition of keyword ( under 100 words 3 times must include your keyword for Good SEO ). More than 3 times it shows bad SEO.

     6. URL(Uniform Resource Locator): Url should be friendly. It also includes keyword known as Slug. E.g, Facebook is Slug as you can see in given URL, http://www.idealsoch.com/facebook/

  7. Internal and External link: you must include an Internal link of your website, and also an External link of other websites.

      8. passive voice: you must write to know passive sentences. That should be used in blogs.

      9. Image: Minimum one image should be inside your blog.

      10. Duplicate content: You most need to try, there have no duplicity should be in the blog. If more than 20 percent duplicity will found, the site can be closed and ranking will down.

As you have seen the little process of Digital Marketing, In SEO process a major important thing you need to know about-plugins. Different types of plugins are available in WordPress. 

 Wordpress is a publishing platform that makes it easy for anyone to publish online, and proudly powers millions of websites. It comes in two flavors: the fully hostedWordPress.com, and the self-hosted version, whose software is available for free atWordpress.org.


Misconceptions which efficiently measured by YOAST SEO plugin. This is one of the dominant


helps in good SEO of websites in digital marketing. You could be able to know all your misconceptions.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing also a part of Digital Marketing

offshoot promoting is a kind of execution based showcasing in which a business rewards at least one members for every guest or client brought by the subsidiary’s own particular advertising endeavors. Affiliate marketing is a business deal which involves 3 parties – merchants, publishers(affiliates) and customers. It takes place when affiliates get provision for promoting merchant’s products and services. It’s a good way to earn additional money for bloggers and influencers. By this, it’s known as a part of digital marketing.

Here is a quick way of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Research different affiliate programs and products.
  3. Build a site.
  4. Produce excellent content.
  5. Build an audience.
  6. Promote your affiliate product(s).
  7. Repeat steps #4–7 on a continual basis!

In Digital Marketing, Peoples take opportunities to earn money through this. That has become an easy method for publishers with merchants. customers also get offers, discounts and keeps have the update about products. The full concept of Digital  Marketing can’t be covered at one time. By digital marketing peoples also become an entrepreneur, The reach of Digital Marketing is undefined. Deepest to Deepest part could make you great in Digital Marketing. The tricks of Digital Marketing reacts like a Magic.  

 Excited to know more facts about Digital Marketing!!. Keep in Touch. Updates of digital marketing will be shown in the next blog.













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